Affordable Cancer Screenings has a proprietary preventative care software platform for physicians that incorporates preventative medicine to accommodate the new sweeping bipartisan Medicare reimbursement laws (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 - MACRA), which started in January 2017. Most commercial PPO insurances also cover numerous MACRA preventative care and wellness programs that help physicians produce better patient care with significantly increased physician reimbursement.

ESH our partner's proprietary software platform is a scientific tool that brings the new bipartisan MACRA laws and preventative programs seamlessly to physicians. Further, since most private commercial health insurance plans have adopted these preventative care initiatives, ESH’s software platform is ideal for Medicare (fee-for-service and ACOs) and private commercial insurance plans without risk, obligation, or additional costs to the physicians.


Ergo Sum Health (ESH) was founded by attorneys and computer software developers and has the solution in the form of a new patented and patent pending platform for physicians that brings the necessary scientific tools to allow integration of these new MACRA programs into a physician’s practice.  The purpose of ESH’s platform is to help physicians produce better patient outcomes and significantly increase Medicare and private commercial insurance reimbursement to the physicians without creating any additional economic risk, obligation or additional costs to the physicians. The platform can operate on virtually any standalone electronic portable device (iPad®, AndroidTM tablet, Windows® PC, smartphone, etc.) and runs via the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.











The1platform will implement our program with Turn key Macra Solutions and help your practice be successful in using it. Please watch the video below to see how.

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There are numerous new, obscure and underutilized provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that can actually produce better patient care with significantly increased physician reimbursement.  Many of these new ACA provisions are used by less than 10% of physicians, even though these new provisions could potentially generate magnitudes more revenue for physicians. This is because the ACA has strict compliance guidelines that include complex electronic integration, which are virtually impossible to comply with using paper or the current systems that physician commonly use.


Advanced Diagnostic Testing


 Our platform also include a medical necessity engine for laboratory diagnostic testing services for your patients based on the office of the Inspector General's (OIG) 2017 Work Plan.

We support the following laboraotry tests:

• PGx DNA testing
• Cancer DNA predictability (breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastric, pancreas, bladder and prostate)
• DNA FDA Cleared Cystic Fibrosis testing

• Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing

• Blood Wellness Testing (hormones, vitamin and nutrition, heavy metals, etc.)

• Food Allergy Blood Testing

• Urine/Toxicology Drug Testing

• Pathogen Panel Testing for respiratory illnesses, gastrointestinal problems and wound care and STDs

• Antibiotic resistance DNA testing



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