Individual Potential Patients,

Our program is normally reserved for doctor’s administration only but, we have been inundated by individuals who want this service because it is not offered by their doctor's office.  To respond to these requests the same screening protocols we offer the doctors are now being offered to the general public.

Results returned after insurance verification within 30 days, via the internet. Genetic Consultation services are available for test results analysis and prevention planning.

Hereditary Cancer Risk predictive testing is covered by Medicare/Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Tricare Health, United, Cigna, Humana, and many  insurance plans added daily


How Cancer Screening Works

1) You have symptoms, concerns or medical history and you go to the doctor's office with questions & concerns

2) The doctor performs and exam and wants to explore possibilities further

3) The doctor provides you with a Saliva DNA kit you spit in

4) The doctor's office then sends the kit with completed insurance forms to our lab for testing (postage prepaid). Our screening procedure is covered by most private insurance and Medicaid/Medicare. WE DO ALL THE BILLING

5) We perform our state of the art DNA screening protocol

6) Our protocol will generate a report showing the cancers you the patient is susceptible to.


7) Once we have the report it is transmitted to your doctor's office securely over the internet

8) This report is then reviewed by you the doctor or our consultants to help the patient devise a treatment plan.



If you or your families have had a history of any of the following:

·        Any individual that has more than one cancer.

·        Any individual that has multiple close family members with a cancer diagnosis under the age of fifty.

·        An individual that has three or more close family members with different types of cancer

·        An individual that has had family that has previously had cancer


Our state of the art facility uses the latest in technology and innovative  procedures to provide you answers about your health using clues in their DNA and RNA.


Cancer Test Descriptions

Following are the test to be offered by our lab:

  • Hereditary Cancer Test - test to determine if a patient has a germline mutation leading to a high  probability of having cancer

  • Tumor Test Somatic Mutation - test to determine possible existing target therapy for such specific metastatic tumor mutation

  • Prosigna (Pam50) - prognostic test to determine probability of breast cancer recurrence and an adjuvant  treatment depends on the primary tumor aggressiveness and subtype

  • CTC - Circulating Tumor Cells - tests patients metastatic breast, prostate and colorectal cancers at baseline (prior to therapy) and at follow-ups

  • Single Gene Mutation Analysis - screening test to follow mutations in mutated patients' relatives as well as to pharmaceutical industry to provide information regarding their drugs mutation driven

  • OncoScan - SNP based test to determine whole genome mutations in tumors tissue allowing to determine possible existing target therapy for such specific tumor mutation, copy number variation and somatic mutation data with mRNA and miRNA

  • CYP450 - test to determine drug toxicity as well as adjuvant treatment efficacy

  • Her2 Blood Test - Mass Spec under development



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